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Don’t Make This Mistake With Your eCommerce Site

by UKIE WEB Feb 24, 2016

Too often do business owners believe that eCommerce websites can run on their own. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The self-serve aspects of an eCommerce page can easily influence the web owner to make the mistake of neglect.

Successful entrepreneurs know well the importance of consistent monitoring, testing, and implementation of new strategies on their sites. Neglecting those duties can result in profits lost. Employing the services of an eCommerce development company to manage these processes is a critical factor in the prosperity of your business.

So before you flip on that autopilot switch, consider the following ecommerce development services to advance your project:

A/B Testing; Hard Data with Solid Results

A/B testing is a method of comparison that displays two different variations of a website split evenly between visitors. The variation that yields the highest conversion rate is the winner, so to speak.

This allows you to dial down to which changes impact your marketing campaign the most. No more wondering if your checkout flow should say “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”. Hooray!

This is a powerful strategy that an eCommerce development company can help with. Even Google encourages A/B testing.

Implement your testing on a frequent basis. As the market changes, so does the effectiveness of your campaign. Never settle, keep experimenting.

Keeping up with Promotions

A survey performed in the UK found that up to 60% of consumers only make a purchase when a promotional offer is in effect.

By offering promotions, you increase the engagement of your visitors. A well-thought out promotional campaign can increase revenue and traffic. But, be careful as a poorly implemented promo can hurt your bottom line. Blindly setting up a special and hoping for the best can have dire consequences.

Work with your eCommerce website developer (hint: us) to craft a promotional campaign that best suits your visitors.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Like a child with an old toy, visitors lose interest fast. The human mind demands stimulation and if you don’t deliver, it will show via bounce rates and other metrics.

Experimenting with small, but frequent visual changes to your site’s appearance increase customer retention. Strategic design plans can be mapped out by eCommerce web designers.

Even better, you can utilize A/B testing to see which design format your users prefer. Users love fresh content and new products. Never let your website go stale, or your customer base will as well.

In short, don’t plan for your website design to be set in stone. Continue to optimize and improve.

Page Speed is Your Friend

Are you monitoring the response time of your pages? According to a 2009 case study performed by Akamai, a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. If your eCommerce site brings in a daily revenue of $100,000, then a 1-second page delay can potentially result in a yearly profit loss of $2,500,000.

Radware’s 2013 state of the union report found that the top eCommerce sites fell in speed by 16% compared to a year ago. Proper execution of performance strategies is paramount to the long-term profitability of your site.

Akamai’s study shows that 79% of visitors may not return after a dissatisfying experience. A single instance of delayed page response could be disastrous if not resolved promptly.

Consistent monitoring of your domain by an eCommerce development team can give you that needed boost to stay on top.

Is Your Traffic Source Reliable?

Don’t fall into the misconception that your source of customer acquisition is safe. This makes your business vulnerable in a market with many fluctuations and unpredictable search algorithm changes. eCommerce website builders understand how important it is to have a diverse profile when it comes to continually acquiring users.

Businesses that don’t have a persistent strategy for targeting the right kind of audience will incur negative ROI. Furthermore, tracking the source of your visitors is necessary for measuring the success of your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Test. Implement. Repeat.

Running an eCommerce website is a never ending journey. Ensuring your site receives continued innovation and attention is a key factor in growth.

Enlist the services of eCommerce developers in Columbus Ohio now to put in place ongoing strategies and marketing support for your business.

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