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SEO and Marketing

Search engine optimization is the online equivalent of “location, location, location!”

People have to find you – otherwise it doesn’t matter how cool your site or business is. UKIE WEB is like the online traffic cop that will steer everyone towards your site. We offer SEO consulting to figure out who to target, narrow down keywords, and tweak your site content to deliver the best results.

We are leaders in Columbus when it comes to SEO, and are experts in optimization techniques. Your SEO score is determined by several factors – relevance, load time, backlink history, responsiveness, and about 90 other things. Google sets these guidelines, and sites that don’t meet them or have a ‘bad’ elements get penalized. Our SEO and marketing teams work diligently to ensure your site meets all guidelines to keep you at the top of the list.

SEO is best paired with search engine marketing strategies to advertise your business alongside other relevant searches. The most effective SEM methods create strategies for maximizing Google AdWords or Bing Ads. We integrate in-depth analytics with best practices, and take advantage of our expert team to craft the best ads for your company. These include pay-per-click ads, video and local search ads, product listings, contextual ads and more. SEO and SEM work in tandem to promote your site and bring customers your way.

After using UKIE WEB, whenever someone in central Ohio searches “mustache accessories” (or whatever it is you do, we don’t judge), your carefully curated, hand-crafted mustache accessory store will be the #1 result!

*Beware: Other companies might try to scam you and “improve” your SEO through methods known as Black Hat. This is a way to cheat the system, and Google will find out (because Google knows everything) and penalize your site. Avoid that altogether, and use UKIE WEB. We only use techniques that follow Google Webmaster Guidelines, and will never do anything shady to your site.

Attract the masses! Contact us today for a free quote, and while you’re at it, Google “mustache accessories” and let us know your favorite result!

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