Mobile Compatible Websites

Did you know mobile devices have eclipsed desktop devices for internet search and usage? It’s true! According to a February 2014 article released by CNN, that number is 55% for internet access in favor of mobile devices and growing.

It is more important than ever to make certain that you have a mobile website or be certain that it is responsive in design. Both methods are designed to be mobile friendly.

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So what is the difference between a mobile site and a responsive site?

Mobile Site - a mobile site is a separate website that is designed specifically for mobile compatibility. It will include pages and features specifically designed for mobile viewing, and can be streamlined to have fewer pages than the primary site for easier navigation.

Responsive Site - a responsive website makes an adjustment to how the pages are presented based on the viewing area of the device. Image and copy elements are reduced in ratio and placed in a single column format for a simple scroll through each page for smaller devices. In addition, navigation menus are often restructured in a drop down menu format. Responsive programming is often a more cost effective option than building a mobile site in addition to your primary site.

A mobile compatible website development is an open book for us. We’ll accustom your webpages to any mobile gadget and it will get into Android or iOS platforms as easy as laces into favorite boots. So, don’t hesitate.

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