What is Web Design?

UkieWeb Web Design Web design, simply speaking, is the art of site creation. Including that which one sees on the page to the world of inner coding that remains invisible to the user, website design is all about decision making. What navigation tools should I use? How do I create eye-catching content and graphics? How do I ensure my site is as efficient and functional as possible? Our designers are dedicated to making websites that are practical, interactive, and user-friendly, but still aesthetically pleasing. Because let’s face it, just having a “useable” site isn’t enough. In today’s fast-paced world, users lose interest fast. Nothing will cause a potential buyer to click the back button faster than a slow loading site with a boring design.

With only mere seconds to engage and captivate your audience upon their landing on your site, a bold and creative web design is a must have.

Are Your Users Engaged?

An engaged audience is an audience that’s ready to spend. Lack engagement and you’ll quickly find your visitors not making it much further than your home page. UKIE WEB creates eye-catching designs that dazzle and enthrall customers straight to your checkout page. If you need that little-added boost that’ll soar you past your competitors, then a site makeover by our expert designers is exactly what you want. But don’t take our word for it. As recently unearthed in Penn State research (2015), an interactive website is an efficient one. By choosing the right interaction tools for your site, you will better convey your intended message to the user. Interactive tools influence how users feel about your website, what they think about content, and what information they take away from it.

If your site utilizes the correct tools, according to researchers, you are more likely to grab the attention of your readers, have a lasting effect, and lure them back in the future. It is important for your website’s design to involve the user actively; a passive reader may not find their way back to your site.


User-friendly sites

According to UKIE WEB's definition, a user-friendly site is a S.U.P.E.R. site. Does your website meet the requirements for a S.U.P.E.R qualification?

Speedy web

Quick loading speeds will be a top priority for the UKIE WEB team. When your page loads quickly, users don’t have time to switch to your competitor. Also a plus: a quick loading speed positively impacts your rankings on search engines, which means more customers and more sales!

Pleasant for Eye

Did you know that effectively placed, bold headlines can be more impactful than images? Web design is all about the details, and we’ve got that covered. Web experts recommend the careful planning and choosing of colors, contrast, alignment, font, and images. When all of this tricky stuff is properly organized, your site becomes a clear and pleasant platform.

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Easy in use

A simple navigation tool is an effective navigation tool. However, malfunctioning widgets and poorly optimized site navigation negatively affects your visitors and ultimately your bottom line. We make sure that your users will not be troubled by issues with page scrolling, 3-D carousel, or any other concerns of interaction. All of the information posted on your page will be accessible to newcomers and the internet savvy, alike.

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Useful site

Your customers will get all of the information for which they’re looking while being exposed to the freshest and most modern content. Customers, and perhaps even those who stumble upon your site by accident, will be pleased. If your users are provided with everything they’re looking for in a highly engaging manner, it leaves them little reason to seek other sources, leaving you as a figure of authority in your niche. When users are satisfied, you are satisfied, and that is our goal.

Responsive site

Responsive web design enhances the experience for users on all devices and browsers. Your site will easily function on any platform as we can even create a mobile version for you. In fact, Google analyzes responsive and mobile factors when determining your search ranking. They have openly stated that they plan to increase the ranking value of these factors, meaning a site optimized for mobile could lose its search position!