SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site “search-friendly” through a variety of techniques and processes. The world of SEO encompasses many aspects, such as keywords, backlinks, web design, and more.

While you may have the greatest website in the entire world, no one would be able to find it unless your site was optimized for search engines. That’s where a search engine consulting company comes in. SEO providers will tweak your site so that you can enjoy the benefits of being on top.

Our smart SEO tactics will help you to avoid wide-spread pitfalls and apply useful techniques that help a website to rank well.

A few of our optimization strategies include:

  • Submitting Your Site To Search Engines

    One of the first steps after website development is to submit it to search engines. By doing so, your website will begin to get indexed by the search engines. This results in each page of your site displaying in search. It’s like giving Google a little nudge, letting them know you’re here and ready to be found.

  • Keyword research

    Keywords are the backbone of any SEO project. Phrases that people type into search boxes when looking for content are considered keywords. Search engines then return results that are analyzed to be the most relevant to the searcher. By discovering and targeting specific keywords, you gain increased traffic. We’ll research the best search terms and implement them on your site.

  • On-Page Optimization

    When search engines analyze your site, it helps to make things easier for them to find. Our team tweaks your site’s important page elements such as title, header, keywords, ALT tags, URL structure, images, and much more. By enhancing each individual page of your site, you can better convince web crawlers that your page contains relevant and useful information.

  • Link Management

    Backlinks are links that direct users to your site from another site. A way of someone “vouching” for your site, having a diverse backlink profile allows search engines to favor your pages over those with less links. In general, high-quality backlinks results in better search ranking. However, low-quality links can be harmful and even result in search penalties. We’ll examine your link profile to reduce risks and increase exposure.

  • Mobile & Responsive Optimizations

    Both mobile and responsive-ready sites are now ranked better by search engines. As mobile search overtakes PC, ensuring your site is readable across all platforms is as important as ever. Our web development services will make sure your site can be read across the many devices available today.

Choosing The Right SEO Services Provider

Don’t risk your website's reputation with search engine marketing scams. Known as “black hat”, these untrustworthy companies use deceitful means to gain search ranking by violating Google’s guidelines. Once discovered, your website can be penalized by Google. Once penalized, recovery is difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

UKIE WEB only uses tools and optimization techniques that follow Google Webmaster Guidelines. Otherwise known as “white hat”, our strategies offer a safe way to climb the search ranking without the risk of penalties.

Some SEO businesses only handle optimization. We’re a full service web marketing agency that handles anything from expert SEO services and web development to custom Shopify design. By choosing us, you won’t need to consult with multiple companies. Our wide range of experience allows us to fine tune your site so that you’ll receive real measurable results.

Results take time, so the earlier you start optimizing your website for search engines the better.

That time is now. Start with a free quote, and get your business found.