Logo Design

Think a moment about top companies. What is the first thing you remember about them? We bet it’s their logo!

A right logo is the one that enters our memory and never leaves it. A logo should become a secret (read: explicit) weapon of your branding. People think using pictures and you should benefit from it. So, a logo should have a strong association with your brand’s name and/or activity. For example, tech companies try to convey speed in their logos.

A logo needs to be unique. Its aim is to draw clients’ attention and make them differentiate you from the mass.

UKIE WEB is a tech-nerd and uses the best software, like Vector for logo design. We know how to process technically your ideas and create an awesome custom logo for you. If you still do not have a vision of how your logo should look like, guys from Columbus will turn on the highest creativity mode and share best ideas with you. We are not greedy!

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Brochure design

Yes, brochures, you are not misreading. Real fancy brochures designed for print and hook your newcomers outdoors.  In the time of online advertisement domination brochure is still an effective source of marketing.

There are different types of brochures, like leaflets, newsletters, flyers, booklets. Besides, that small sheet of paper can play different roles. It can be your personal guide, promoter, teacher and even seducer (make people crazy about your product). Their primary goal is to lure your right audience.

So, before technically creating a brochure several aspects need consideration:

  • What is the purpose of your brochure (informative, advertising, educational or other)
  • Who is your target audience
  • How should the printed message present your company

And don’t forget that brochure acquaints your target customer with your company. It’s like a sweet wrapper by which clients decide if they want to taste a new sweet or not. UKIE WEB has already learnt how the catchy brochure should look like so that the person chose you!

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