Social Media

Today everyone confidently uses social media to push their business. A company that has no profiles at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and whatever else comes to your mind is lagging behind. Top brands on average are signed into 5-9 social platforms.

A social network is like a stage where you can be whoever you want to be - fluffy, intellectual or cool and dangerous. There are some tricky tools for building the presence in social media. Here we go.

Acting as a real person

Doesn’t it weird when a company, without mind and soul, can say ‘Hello’ you in the morning or cutely wish you ‘Good night’ in your feed? We may call such online behaviour of organizations – acting like a real person. And really, if you want to make friends with someone you should be like them, with own feelings and problems. Companies that manage to humanize their profiles, in fact, get higher customer satisfaction.

Two-sided communication

Pages of successful companies are no longer just a source of getting plain facts and information. They are a channel for communication and interaction with users. While your subscriber scans the feed during breakfast, you may unobtrusively ask him to estimate your coolest novelty. The unconscious advert, yeah? It is significant to be an active participant in discussions with your followers. This can take place under posts while answering to comments and giving smart responses to negative reviews. This all helps to monitor customers’ preferences and become more flexible to new trends.

Video marketing

A video is very efficient in catching a user’s eye while browsing the timeline. Users are more likely to share visual content than text. Just remember some viral videos, like "Sneezing Panda". Companies in turn react and add more video component to their content strategies. It’s predicted that video will stand for 74% of all internet traffic in 2017.

Along with image-building and customer engagement, presence on social platforms is essential for top ranking in search engines. Thus, 7 out of top 10 factors that correlate with strong Google organic search are social media dependent. So, being active or not at social network is not a question of preference anymore. It became inevitable in online marketing.

The question is still: how to enter the social media competition and gain a lot of active subscribers and friends. UKIE WEB knows something about it. Drop in and make sure yourself.

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